Nose Surgery

Nose Surgery

Nose surgery(Rhinoplasty), commonly referred to as ‘Nose job’ or ‘Nose reshaping’ is a surgical procedure that reshapes, resizes or repairs the nose, in order to enhance facial harmony and correct the proportion of your nose in accordance with the facial symmetry.

It can correct various nasal deformities, such as –

  • • observable hump or depression on the nasal bridge
  • • a droopy or puffy nasal tip
  • • nasal asymmetry caused due to injury
  • • wide and upturned nasal tip

Apart from above-mentioned enhancement procedures, Rhinoplasty can also correct a breathing abnormality caused by the structural defect. It can repair a deviated septum by adjusting the nasal structure to produce better alignment and thereby treating the breathing defect.

If someone doesn’t want to undergo surgery, they may consider using fillers to smooth out humps and bumps. Our Best Rhinoplasty surgery clinic in Siliguri has always been very particular about its patient’s safety, confidentiality and delivering optimal results.

Is the nose job suitable for me?

Opting for a nose job depends on how you feel about your nose and how you want it to look. It’s also significant to note that your nose will change as you age. Throughout the growing years, we see changes in the shape and structure of the nose and as we age, there is a loss of support that makes the nasal tip to droop. Resorption of the mid-facial bone and tissues also affects the nose to look more projected as well. Hence it is strongly advisable that Rhinoplasty must be performed when the nasal structure is completely developed, which is around 15-16 years of age in females and 17-18 years of age in males because if it is performed during developing stage, continued development post the Rhinoplasty can adversely alter the results and also cause complications.

Rhinoplasty is usually performed under general or local anesthesia. It is mostly an outpatient procedure but at times can require overnight hospitalization, depending on the procedure.

Is the nose job suitable for me

The patient will experience temporary bruising and swelling around eyes and nose, post the procedure and is administered antibiotics and painkillers to avoid infections and ease any discomfort.

If you have opted for Rhinoplasty then you must consult with a certified plastic surgeon and have realistic expectations as results may be minor or significant depending on the type of correction you desire though whatever optimal results delivered, are relatively permanent and may get altered by any trauma.

You can consult our nose reshaping surgery specialist in Siliguri regarding your concerns about the procedure. We can guide you about the non-surgical procedures as well and then finally you can take your call whether you would proceed with a surgical or non-surgical nose job.

While opting for any surgical enhancement procedure, always keep realistic expectations. Surgery can, for sure, improve facial features and enhance your unique and natural beauty. The physician will evaluate.

Our nose reshaping surgery specialist in Siliguri will consider each and every aspect before the procedure. Your overall fitness will be examined, the structure of your nose and other facial features will be evaluated and then only he /she can tell you if your expectations are realistic or not. Finally, you will be briefed about the minimal risks, recovery time, and costs involved in the procedure.

At the best Rhinoplasty surgery clinic in Siliguri, Cosmo surge, our expert aesthetic surgeon will counsel you and guide you about the apt nasal correction procedure that will best suit your facial features and would indeed enhance your look.

Nose Surgery FAQ's

What is nose surgery?

It is a surgical procedure in which your nose can be reshaped or resized.

Nose Surgery or Rhinoplasty enhances the facial appearance of an individual. It sometimes helps in removing breathing issues.

It is recommended that the patient should be at least 13 before opting for rhinoplasty.

With every surgical procedure, some minor risks are always involved. Some of them are minor swelling around the nose, Scarring, Infection etc.

If you are satisfied with your surgery, then yes, it is a permanent procedure. But in case, the results did not match your expectations, you can undergo revised rhinoplasty to get a more precise result.

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