Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation

The best Chin Implant Surgery Clinic in Siliguri, we perform chin augmentation (Mentoplasty/Genioplasty) which is a cosmetic surgery procedure to enhance or reshape the size/structure of the chin. It is done either by moving jaw bones or inserting an implant or reshaping the bones to attain the desired result. We have the best Chin Augmentation Surgeon in Siliguri who can help you obtain maximum results.

Chin augmentation surgery is most suitable for those who have a naturally “weak” chin with respect to facial bone structure and other features. As the best Chin Augmentation Surgery center in Siliguri, we often perform Chin augmentation along with rhinoplasty to balance out the facial features and achieve better facial proportions.

Best Genioplasty surgery centre in Siliguri, we aesthetically perform chin surgery augments to create a stronger chin, bony jaw structure, make the chin wider or even marginally lengthen your face. Implants of multiple sizes, shapes and materials are available and are chosen depending on the results desired, facial features and the technique utilized.

Why Chin Augmentation is Performed

Chin augmentation is performed on people who have a receding and /or weak chin(microgenia) though have normal dental bite relationship. The main purpose is to bring about overall balance and harmony of the facial features by making the chin longer or bigger as compared to the nose.

Common cases for chin augmentation include:

  • • Sharp/pointed Chin Shape
  • • Bulky Neck
  • • Squared chin
  • • Protruding nose
Common cases for chin augmentation include

Before the chin augmentation surgery, discuss in detail with a professional plastic surgeon about your expectations regarding the look you wish to achieve. Always have realistic goals and keep in mind that the desired result is an improvement, not perfection.

If you wish to undergo a chin reshaping procedure, chin augmentation or reduction or a chin implant, do visit Cosmosurge Clinic, Siliguri, India. At our Best Chin Augmentation Surgery Clinic in Siliguri, you can get relevant information, comprehensive evaluation and detailed examination to reach a personalized treatment plan with the help of our professional and experienced chin augmentation surgeon.

Chin Augmentation FAQ's

What is Chin Augmentation?

It is a surgical process that takes place in your chin to increase the beauty aspect of your face.

People with smaller or larger chins than usual. Smaller chins can make a nose larger and whereas a larger chin can make a nose looks smaller than its usual self. Thus, if you undergo the cosmetic surgery, the beauty of your face enhances.

Not really, they should wait for a few days until the dressing comes off. But they can continue shaving around the incision parts.

Chin augmentation provides a good balance to your chin with the rest of your face.

If you do not intend to change it yourself, you can keep your augmentation for the rest of your life.

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