General Surgical Procedures

General Surgical Procedures

Pilonidal Sinus:

The Pilonidal Sinus is a small tunnel or hole in the skin at the tailbone portion. Between the cleft of your buttock, if you feel a small lump that is causing pain and is bleeding you should consult with a doctor immediately to prevent the infection from growing additionally.

Incisional Hernia:

This type of hernia occurs when an internal organ protrudes through the abdominal wall. According to the severity of the scar, the doctor will decide the treatment procedure for the patient to recover in the shortest time frame.

Pressure Sore Management: Pressure Sore or Bed Sore takes place in the body due to pressure on the skin for a long period of time. Those who can hardly move their posture and stick with their position are at the most risk of suffering from bedsore. Ankle, Tailbone, Hips are some of the spots where they take place.

Diabetic Foot Construction: When your blood sugar levels stay very high than the normal standards, over time it damages the nerves and blood vessels. Thus, you can lose the feeling of your foot if you are diabetic. With proper treatment and surgery, you can overcome the situation under expert supervision.

Pilonidal Sinus

Hidradenitis Suppurativa: It is a skin condition in which people get affected with a small-sized lump like infections in different body parts. It is generally caused by sweat glands and is mostly seen in the places where the skins rub against each other.

Pressure Sore Reconstruction: If treated early, bedsore can be successfully surgically treated with the help of skin grafting.

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