Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation or Augmentation mammoplasty is commonly known as 'breast aug' or 'boob job'. It is a cosmetic/plastic surgery procedure which is used to enhance the size and shape of a woman's breast. This is also a reconstructive procedure for patients who have undergone mastectomy. It also reinstates breast volume lost after weight reduction or pregnancy to achieve a rounder shape or to improve natural breast symmetry.

This procedure generally uses breast implants or fat injections (Autologous fat graft) to increase the size of breasts. The most commonly used ‘Breast enlargement procedure' is 'breast implants' which are inserted within the breast tissue through an incision to ensure a firm, round shaped breasts. This is done under general anesthesia and sedation medications and might require overnight hospitalization.

Types of breast implants

  • • Silicone gel implants: recommended for females of the minimum age of 22 years.
  • • Saline implants: recommended for females of the minimum age of 18 years.

Both these implants are FDA approved and give a natural look. Some other breast implants are Gummy bear, Round breast and Smooth breast implants. Breast Augmentation surgery is one of the most prevalent and often performed aesthetic surgery procedure. It has a long and successful track record of delivering optimal results to female candidates for this procedure who wish to enhance, regain or restore balance to their figures.

Who shall go for Breast Augmentation?

A person needs to go for breast augmentation, though it’s a matter of choice, under following circumstances-

  • • Low self-esteem and lack of confidence owing to underdeveloped breasts.
  • • Loss of breast volume and firmness post weight loss or pregnancy.
  • • Asymmetrical breasts e. difference in size of breasts.
  • • Disproportionate body shape due to poorly developed breasts.
Breast Augmentation Benefits

Every surgical procedure has some benefits as well as potential risks

Benefits of Breast Augmentation-

  • • Enhanced breast shape and size, in proportion with the body shape.
  • • Firmer, natural-looking breasts that boost
  • • Reconstructed breasts post mastectomy or any injury.

Potential risks–

  • • Implants may rupture due to blunt trauma or with time or changes in weight.
  • • Requires regular monitoring for any infections or internal bleeding.
  • • Anesthesia-related
  • • Difficulty in breast feeding.
  • • Numbness or loss of sensation in breasts.
  • • Scarring

If a person is healthy with no medical conditions, a non-smoker and not breast feeding, she can go for this procedure but must have a positive attitude and realistic expectations regarding the outcome.

This procedure can not treat droopy, hanging breasts as for them, there is a complimentary procedure called 'Breast lift' which is often performed along with 'Breast Aug'. Breast implants do not last for a lifetime and get affected by weight changes, pregnancy or menopause and thereby might rupture or leak. In such cases, you will need another implant.

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Breast Augmentation FAQ's

What is Breast Augmentation?

It is a surgical process that increases the size and fullness of the breast. It also helps in reconstructing the shape and asymmetry.

It is a common myth that many people have. Women with breast augmentation do not have any greater risk of breast cancer or have a lesser chance of surviving it. With or without augmentation, the chances remain same of obtaining or getting freed from it.

There is not any right to undergo breast augmentation. Women in her 30s are the most common candidates who proceed with the treatment.

Every patient’s body is different. Thus, the doctor will determine and suggest you the ideal and desirable size for the best results.

In most cases, No, you can breastfeed your child without any issues after going through the surgery.

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