Eyelid Surgery in Siliguri

Effective Eyelid Surgery In Siliguri

Traditional eyelid surgery involves the removal of excess fat or skin in the eyelid region. The main aim of this surgery is to improve drooping or hooded eyelids. It improves the appearance of eyelids and fixes baggy or puffy lower eyelids. Anesthesia or other sedation medication is provided to the patient before the surgery.

Cosmosurge clinic introduces you to the most effective eyelid surgery in Siliguri, the complete solution to your baggy and puffy eyelids. Feel the best version of yourself with a new appearance and enhance your look and make your eyes appear rejuvenated and attractive.

Why Eyelid Surgery?

This procedure is performed to enhance the looks and appearance of a person. It is typically done for cosmetic surgery such as:

  • • It improves the appearance of the face by tightening the skin
  • • Brings a younger look
  • • Fixes functional problems related to eyelids
  • • Helps boost confidence in a person

Risks Of Eyelid Surgery

With proper medical practices and expertise, the case of risks due to eyelid surgery is rare but it typically includes:

Temporary blur vision or blurred vision

Improper practice or steps during surgery can cause visual problems such as blur or double vision. Damage caused to the eyes can cause these problems during surgery. Damages may be temporary or permanent according to the situation.

Asymmetrical or uneven eyes

Cases of asymmetrical or uneven eyes are pretty rare but can happen if improper practices are followed during the procedure. These can be permanent or temporary according to the conditions.


The collection of blood under the skin is common in most cosmetic surgeries and is known as a hematoma. It can be easily treated with medications or another surgery.


Scars caused due to the cut of the incision are permanent. However, medications can help in reducing scars.


It is a rare condition in which the lower eyelid droops from the eye and turns outwards. It is an uncomfortable condition but can be treated with medications and another surgery.

Visual impairment

It is an extremely rare case that can occur. In this condition, the person becomes partially blind. Many people in these cases have found out that their vision starts to improve in the long term.

Eyelid retraction

In this case, the lower eyelid rests in an abnormal position and the cornea of the eyes is highly exposed.

Cosmosurge clinic provides you with the most effective eyelid surgery in Siliguri. The expertise of Dr. Md. Sohaib Akhtar and the proper medical equipment assures you of safe and successful surgery. He is known as one of the top plastic and reconstructive surgeons in India. Find the perfect solution for your baggy eyelids and enhance your appearance.

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