Facelift Treatments in Siliguri

Exclusive Facelift Treatments In Siliguri

Facelift treatment is a medical procedure, to remove excess fat from the skin and generate a younger look in a person. It removes saggy skin in the face region and can help in smoothing folds of excess skin on the jawline and cheek area. This procedure is also known as rhytidectomy. During this operation, each section of the face is lifted, alteration of tissues is done excess skin is removed.

Cosmosurge clinic provides you with the most exclusive facelift treatments in Siliguri with highly renowned medical professional Dr. Md. Sohaib Akhtar. He is one of the finest plastic and reconstructive surgeons in India. He is one of the recognized senior members of IIAPS, APSI, and NABI due to his excellency in this profession. His paper “electric burn in childer: an experience” is known as the most popular article in Indian journals.

Why Facelift Treatment?

Due to certain changes in the human face with due time, some people are not satisfied with their facial appearance. The skin loosens up and does not tighten easily leaving extra skin in the face region. In many cases, the excess fat decreases in some regions of the face and eventually increases in other regions.

A facelift can fix these changes due to age:

  • • Saggy cheeks Extra saggy skin at the lower jawline
  • • Skin folds around the side of the nose to the corner of the mouth
  • • Saggy skin and extra neck fat

A facelift can treat conditions such as creases around the nose and upper lip, uneven skin color, sun damage, and wrinkles.

Risks Of Facelift Treatment

Complications or problems caused by facelift treatment can be managed with proper self-care, medication, and a different surgery. Long-term problems due to facelift treatments are rare but some of the risks include:


The collection of blood under the skin is known as a hematoma. It causes pressure and swelling. It is usually treated with surgery to prevent skin damage.


Scars left behind after incision is permanent. However, medications such as corticosteroids may help to reduce scars.

Hair loss

Some people might experience hair loss after the facelift procedure. It can be permanent or temporary depending on the type of facelift surgery.

Nerve injury

This case is generally rare but an injury can affect the nerves of sensation or control of the muscles. The damages done may be permanent or temporary depending on the injury.

Cosmosurge clinic offers you with the most exclusive facelift treatments in Siliguri. The modern medical types of equipment and expertise of Dr. Md. Sohaib Akhtar provide you with assuring and promising services. Boost your confidence with facelift surgery and become a brand new person. Find the perfect solution for your saggy or wrinkled skin, enhance your appearance and gain a youthful look.

An Exciting Path To A New You

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