Facial Surgeries in Siliguri

Promising Facial Surgeries In Siliguri

Plastic surgery refers to the alteration or reconstruction of a certain part of the human body. Facial surgery relates to all the types of surgery that takes place in the facial region of a person. It is conducted typically to enhance the appearance of a person who is not satisfied with their skin or reconstruction a damaged face. Types of facial surgery include facelift, nasal, eyelid, ear, chin, jaw, cheek, and other parts of the facial region.

Cosmosurge clinic presents you with the most promising facial surgeries in Siliguri. With the most advanced technology and expertise of Dr. Md. Sohaib Akhtar, avail a hassle-free experience to restore the appearance of your face and boost your confidence. Find the younger version of yourself with cosmetic surgery and love yourself a little more.

Why Facial Surgery?

Facial surgery can be important depending on a person, as it can boost or lower self-confidence. Facial appearance is important as our facial expressions are displayed during interaction and communication. Facial surgery is of two types: Reconstructive facial surgery and cosmetic facial surgery

Facial surgery is performed for reconstruction of the patient’s face that has underlying conditions which may occur due to an accident or can also be an unattractive birthmark. These certain conditions can also be protruding ears or a crooked smile that is affecting the normal function of the human body. The skin which is affected due to burning is also treated with the help of facial surgery. Some reconstructive surgeries are performed to treat skin diseases such as skin cancer.

Typically cosmetic surgery is performed to enhance the appearance and the face of a person. Procedures that include rhinoplasty, chin and cheek implants, liposuction, facelifts, eye lifts, and surgeries similar to these, lie in the category of cosmetic surgery. ENT professional usually addresses these problems with a patient.

Some Types Of Facial Surgery


Surgery that takes place inside or outside of the nose in which bone and cartilage are reconstructed or altered to improve visual appearance.


The surgery takes place in the eyelid region of a human to improve visual appearance or function.


The procedure involves the skin of the face or neck to tighten and remove excess fat and wrinkles.


Surgery involves the removal of excess fat or wrinkles on the forehead of a person. It enhances the appearance or function of a certain body region.


The procedure involves reshaping the cartilage of the ears in a person.

Cosmosurge clinic provides you with the most promising facial surgeries in Siliguri. With the utilization of modern medical types of equipment and the expertise of Dr. Md. Sohaib Akhtar, one can regain their younger look or appearance and boost their confidence. Avail the perfect solution for your baggy and loose skin to make yourself look more appealing and attractive.

An Exciting Path To A New You

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