Association with Orthopaedics

Association with Orthopaedics

Finger Tip injuries:

Injuries on the fingertips can occur anywhere and can be of any type like it can damage the soft skin tissue or nail and the underlying portion of it. Fingertips are very sensitive and need immediate medical attention and without that, you can face some dire consequences. Some of the surgical treatments you should undergo while suffering from fingertip injury are Flap surgery, skin grafting etc.

Tendon injuries:

An injury to your tendon can lead to your inability to bend your fingers. Pain and swelling take place in the affected place. To treat the issue, one should take proper medications and for further complexities, it is advisable to take surgical treatments.

Nerve Injuries: Nerve damage can take place on your fingers. It leads to tingling and pain in the finger. You should take consultation with a doctor at the earliest for obtaining the right treatment as early as possible.

Vessel Injuries: A painless swelling takes place in the artery due to a clot for which the blood flow gets affected. Without medical attention, severe diseases like gangrene can emerge.

Replantations: It is the surgical procedure with which a surgeon can reattach a lost finger or any other body part. The aim of surgical replantation is to bring back the lost organ and improve the overall functionality of the body.

Revascularization: While undergoing hand surgery, the surgeon treat injured and damaged blood vessels. The operation is necessary to keep the blood flow in check.

Tendon injuries

Degloving injuries: It is the type of injury that completely stems the blood flow. Surgeons can treat fruitfully with well-equipped machinery and advanced mechanism.

Scaphoid non-union: Scaphoid bone resides in the wrist. It provides stability and helps to move the wrist and do functionality. When this bone is broken and not in the condition to heal is the state that is known as the Scaphoid non-union.

Hand fracture: Fractures spanned over different parts of the hand are treated under this section. Our medical experts are here at your service for a suitable treatment.

Hand Tumours: Most of the time, tumours that take place in the hand are benign tumours and not malignant. Surgeries are the appropriate way to remove the tumour from the body.

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