Burn Deformity Surgeries

Burn Deformity Surgeries

In a body, burning mostly occurs due to coming in direct or indirect contact with fire, radiation, electric current source, chemical elements etc. For this incident, the patient requires immediate hospitalization for quick medical attention. Without getting proper treatment, a severe burning wound can cause havoc damage to a body and even lead to death. Children below 5 years and people over the age of 65 are more prone to more complications due to their thinner skins than the middle age group people.

You can classify the burning into the following –

  • • Minor Burns.
  • • Major Burns.

Within these categories, you can classify them into sub-categories like –

First degree burns: It affects the outer layer of the skin and cause swelling and redness and take place anywhere on the body.

Second degree burns: The burns of second-degree burns are about 5-7 centimetres wide and for major injuries, it needs immediate attention.

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Third Degree burns cause massive damage to the body. It affects the deepest layers of the skin. The skin gets numbed due to that.

We, at Plastic Surgery Plus, provide treatment for Contractions, Scar Management and Pigmentation for treating scars for different parts of our body.

Burn Deformity Surgeries FAQ's

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