Find The Best Facelift Treatments In Siliguri

Find The Best Facelift Treatments In Siliguri


Are your saggy cheeks bothering you? Do you losing your confidence for excess skin lining? Don’t get nervous about your looks. Enhancing your beauty is no longer impracticable. Facelift surgery might help you to get back your younger look. Facelift treatment is a cosmetic surgery that helps you with drooping jawline, scars, and wrinkled face.

Get a more compact look with facelift treatments in Siliguri and say bye to your insecurities. Rhytidectomy, popularly known as facelift surgery, is a cosmetic surgical procedure. It helps to deduct folds and double chin by trimming extra fats in the lower lining of your face. Facelift treatment improves all types of visible aging signs. Dr. Md. Sohaib Akhtar is a prominent cosmetic surgeon in Siliguri. He can help you with various facelift surgeries to treat leftover fats.

When Should You Go For A Facelift Treatment?

Facelift treatment is the best to get back your glamour if it is no longer possible to renew it naturally. It can address your skin problems and age-related unattractiveness:

  • Flabby appearance in your cheeks
  • Excess fat in your jawline
  • Wrinkles between the nose and the corner of the mouth
  • Loose facial tissue.

What Kind Of Treatments Comes With A Facelift?

Every patient needs an individual type of facelift treatment according to your requirements. Dr. Md. Sohaib Akhtar can suggest the best option based on your goals.

Mini Facelift

Mini facelift treatment is a minimal incision that improves the shape of your lower face. People who get into their late 30s or early 40s and want a minimum refinement around the mouth might try Mini Facelift Treatment. If your facial skin shows a minor sign of aging, this treatment is an ideal choice.

Traditional Facelift

A Traditional Facelift Treatment is ideal for those who face moderate or severe signs of aging. With this kind of treatment, a cosmetic surgeon trims the excess fat and skin around the middle face and neck area. Hence, this treatment is also known as Full Facelift surgery. It helps you by giving you a more upright and youthful position.

Neck Lift

Neck Lift Treatment is used to remove extra fats from the neck area. It helps people with flopping skin and significant signs of aging around the neck. A plastic surgeon restores the respective area with a small incision to give you a younger and defined appearance. A Neck Lift can offer you a more perfect look if performed along with a facelift.

Facelift Treatment can give you complete facial rejuvenation, including fewer wrinkles, smoother skin, and fine lines. The Good thing is that you don’t need to worry about the surgical incisions from the facelift procedure it smoothly appears ‘obvious’. Incisions are made in the scalp or the ears, ensuring no one will see the scars.

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