Blepharoplasty – A Promising Treatment For Saggy Eyelids

Blepharoplasty – A Promising Treatment For Saggy Eyelids


Do you miss your youthful skin? Well, aging is an inevitable realm that comes. But if you feel like enhancing your look, medical advancement can help you. There are multiple cosmetic procedures available operated under board-certified plastic surgeons. One of those procedures is blepharoplasty.

Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is what this blog talks about. With age, eyelids lose their elasticity. It results in bagging skin in the under eye and drooping skin of the upper eyelid. For facial surgeries in Siliguri, you might visit the leading plastic surgeon in town.

With eyelid supporting muscles weakening, fatty or excess skin deposits accumulate in the upper and lower eyelids. Besides reducing the hooding appearance of the eyelids, this cosmetic surgery improves your vision. Let’s find out if you’re a good candidate for eyelid surgery.

  • Overall good health
  • Age 30 or over
  • No eye disease
  • No diabetes
  • No thyroid dysfunction
  • No cardiovascular concerns

Why Eyelid Surgery Is Done

Blepharoplasty improves:

  • Droopy/baggy eyelids
  • Peripheral vision
  • Skin deposits in the lower eyelids
  • Puffiness in the upper eyelids

What Happens During Eyelid Surgery

Prior to eyelid surgery, a physical examination is done. And the plastic surgeon orders a few tests, such as a complete eye exam, peripheral vision testing, chest X-ray, EKG, and visual field testing. Sometimes, surgeons ask for a ptosis visual field test as well. Receive facial surgeries in Siliguri from a board-certified plastic surgeon.

The plastic surgeon will advise you to stop taking over-the-counter meds, herbal supplements, smoking, and alcohol consumption before the procedure. Also, the doctor suggests you should have someone who can drive to the clinic and from the clinic to home and stay with you.

This cosmetic surgical procedure is done generally in an outpatient setting. You’ll be given drugs (IV sedation or local anesthesia) for no discomfort taking place during the surgery into your eyelids. The specialist makes an incision to remove those excess muscles or fat buildup and once the procedure is done, the surgeon closes the incision.

Eyelid surgery takes some 1-2 hours or more. Ptosis surgery is sometimes performed as an additional procedure in case the upper eyelid droops near your pupils. It’s a procedure to lift the eyelids. See the top cosmetic surgeon doctors in Siliguri. Just after surgery, you might have blurry vision, which is normal to experience at that time.

Some temporary discomfort may take place, such as watery eyes, eye dryness, blurry vision, double vision, numb eyelids, and sensitivity to light. Your plastic surgeon ensures some guidelines to follow throughout the recovery phase, like using prescribed ointments or drops, using ice packs as directed, and sleeping with your head elevated for a few days after surgery.

You must refrain from smoking, alcohol consumption, strenuous activities, eye rubbing, and taking over-the-counter meds like ibuprofen, aspirin, etc. If you notice any bleeding, unusual swelling, pain, chest discomfort, or vision issues, contact your plastic surgeon. When you follow the expert directions and you’ve no health concerns that are likely to hinder the procedure, complications, typically, don’t occur. 

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